Film is in reality a series of stills connected together and the movement is created by a phenomenon of the human eye called "retention of vision." By shooting tens of thousands of images I have grown to understand framing as a storytelling device. Whether it is a still or a moving image, Each tells a story.

Digital has replaced film as the medium of contemporary entertainment. Digital equipment is lighter and less bulky. This allows a filmmaker to move quicker and create a more interesting image. Wire cam, drone shots, tight quarter set ups have all been facilitated by the digital revolution.

Producer / Director / Writer

One Sheets


The medium that the business is named for. I entered the industry when this was the only format that anyone cared about. My experience with film formed my creative aesthetic.

Art of the Moving Image


I am an independent Producer and Director who is also a very creative Writer.      I can bring your idea to life in whatever medium you have in mind and         working together we can create a unique project that will fulfill the             outcome you are hoping for.